Two Valuable Tips for IELTS Test Takers

Dear brothers and sisters,

I would like to share my experience in IELTS exam organized by the British Council South Jakarta on 10th November 2018. This short essay will articulate some issues related to the venue including its facilities, the exam process and several suggestion summarized from several test takers.

First of all, the venue was RA Simatupang, a luxury semi hotel (integration between hotel and apartment) situated at 25 Intan Road TB Simatupang South Jakarta. It had fourteen floors included a ground floor (G), a lower ground floor (LG), and a basement floor (B). The lobby was on the ground floor, there were several convenient sofa on which we could sit and relax prior the exam. A mushola was located on LG, after opening the glass door then we turned right and the mushola were on the corner of the way. It was really cozy and installed with a good air conditioner and a clean place for taking ablution.

Turning to the exam room, it was located on the second floor for the writing exam and on the third floor for the speaking one. It was quite pleasant, but you still need a jacket or a warm cloth or even a scraft which could make you feel comfortable during the test. Don’t worry, you may put it off if you feel the temperature starts scorching. Another important facility (perhaps) was a restroom, we could find it on both the ground (first) and third floor which was accessible by a lift or a flight of stairs.

Additionally, it might cost us an arm and a leg having lunch at the restaurant called by KOI Simatupang on the ground floor. But, there were many restaurants near to the location, they were about 50 meters to the main road and the restaurants were on our left. They provided reasonable prices and a variety of cuisines such as Padang menus, penyetan, noodles, gudeg, etc. But, for the last one, we have to walk 10 meters more close to the main road.

Secondly, the exam processes started with a registration stage which was opened an hour before the exam time (8 am). In registration, we had to provide our registered ID (KTP or Passport), switch off our mobile phone and hand our bag to the committee. Then, you were required to recheck our personal data on the official form and we might correct or complete it.

After the photograph session, we were guided to enter the exam room, and the test facilitator showed our seats. We might be allowed to take permission to the restroom before the exam began. There was no toilet permission during the listening test, but it was allowed when the reading test began until the last 10 minutes of the test which was applied the same in the writing test.

All of the exam equipments were provided such as two pencils, an eraser, a pen and a bottle of drinking water. Regarding the exam materials, the sound during the listening test was clear enough and all the questions (fill in the blank) were asked “no more that one word”.

In the reading section, it was about silk history, mammoth, and music which mentioned “Mozart as an expert in composing music. There were fill in the blanks, matching information with the paragraph, true/yes, false/no, not given, fill in the blank from the box and as always multiple choices. In addition, tearing the booklet was not allowed at all.

The writing test questioned two pie charts for task one and discussing both views and giving a personal opinion for the task two. With regard to the speaking test, the host divided the exam into three rooms with two native speakers and one non-native authorized examiner. In this section, we had to re-register as a confirmation for our attendance, it was started around 30 minutes before the exam time which was given in our first registration at the morning.

Based on our experiences, we might also register for the speaking test earlier because at that time some participants came late and we could replace them, so being on time in essential. All in all, the test was very nice and well organized as well as the committees’ performance.

Finally, I personally suggest every test taker to check the exam venue after receiving a confirmation email from the British Council which will be sent three days before the exam day. By doing this, we could find the best route to the venue and estimate the trip duration needed from our residences. Having one day off (permission) is recommended in order to prepare our physical performance and to relax our minds. It would be better to have an adequate and a quality sleeping time prior to the test day and scrumptious healthy breakfast. Good luck in your IELTS exam. (Royyan RD)